About my little house

back view of house

This blog is dedicated to the restoration and renovation of the house where I grew up. Welcome.  My blog is new and still finding its way.  I invite you along on the journey.  All comments, helpful ideas, and technical advice are welcome. Whether you’re a do-it-yourself carpenter, contractor, home builder, artist or craftsman, tree trimmer/cutter, grounds person, handyman or just stopping by–let me hear from you. I’m seeking interesting restoration proposals for the house and rough work estimates.  As of now my budget is small, but I am looking at resources and innovative funding to renovate this wonderful little place to livable conditions.

The house stands on a rural road in Louisiana.  It has had its share of repeated thefts, vandalism and forces of wind and rain from hurricanes, tornadoes, and heavy tree branches.  But it is still standing, waiting for me.  For this reason, there is urgency, so that the very wooden frame and roof of the house are not dismantled and carted off, as the windows and doors have been, and the steps, the front porch planks and porch screen, the contents of the house emptied, and the electrical wiring ripped from the walls and ceiling.  It was built in the 1940s.

I have felt helpless over the years, going away to school, having to live and seek employment in places elsewhere, and returning to see the ruins made of my home. There was a time, thinking back, when such brazen thefts and senseless vandalism would not have happened to a little house sitting on a rural road.  There is little to be taken from it now, and the house – at least for the time being, has been left alone after I let vines, brush and trees fortress what was left of it.

I touch the house when I visit and make promises to it. Promises to take care of it, to restore it, and to give it a purpose again, and to never again allow this to happen.   I believe that a house feels and thrives on the warmth of the person that lives in it. Even if a house stands undisturbed by human contact it becomes frail quicker and shows a longing.  I am so looking forward to sitting on the porch again at night, walking through the rooms, sleeping under the roof, surrounded by nature and the memories of my mom and dad.

All comments are welcome even if you just happened upon my blog.


One thought on “About my little house

  1. This sort of thing is terrible. I no the feeling, glad I happened on your blog.

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